Friday, February 21, 2014

Feel Good Friday

Post two of two...
Here's the good stuff...
1. Seeing my grandson more days than not this week. Knowing he gets excited when they park in front of the house. The noises he makes and his smile. His kisses. His giggles. His silliness.
2. First vet appointment for Elsa today. The vet says she's wonderful and doing well. I loved the fact that they recognized me even though it's been a year and a half since they had to put Abbie down. I love that they remember her and still say how much they loved her. I love how happy they are for us to have Elsa now.
3. Having lunch with my husband today. I called him after the vet appointment, then told him I was going out because I needed a break. Then immediately called him back to see if he could have lunch with me. His "well, yeah" was what I needed to hear. Having lunch, hanging out at his work (my old work), and having people come in to tell me that they wished I still worked there was also good, though there's nothing for me there at the moment.
4. Phone calls that I hope lead to good things!
5. Hacking ice. Frustration reliever. It hurts me, but it's good for me. I don't mind the pain of my shoulders and back when it means that I'm nicer because of the physical activity.
6. Getting an audition date for K4. She's excited. I'm excited.
7. Elsa calming down a little. She's still a puppy, but she's learning a lot. We're in training mode. She can sit, almost stay, almost lay down, shake, come, and be gentle. She's very gentle with Baby B, though she can't stay out of his face. It's frustrating. Tonight was like a miracle though. She barely paid any attention to him, except when he paid attention to her.
8. Knowing my limits... The puppy and Baby B all day is too much for me. Someone was crying at all times... sometimes it was me... It was a lot. I was crazy to agree to it. But I lived through it. Baby B and I had a blast hanging out though.
9. Talking to K2. It's been a while since we've had the chance to talk. It was good. Plans have been made for hanging out.
10. Tomorrow's stuff... We're doing lunch for the boy scouts Klondike derby like we do every year. It's always fun, though this might be our last year doing it since K3 will age out soon. First, it's inventory for the spaghetti dinner while we're waiting for sausages to cook. Then we head up to camp to serve lunch. After that, shopping for essentials with the pup and K4. I hope the funds hold up, but... we all know they won't.
That is all for now...

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