Sunday, March 16, 2014

Feel Good... Oh Never Mind...

Yeah, I know! It's been really crazy around here!
I'll try to be brief, but I know it won't happen.
1. Our Boy Scout troop has an annual spaghetti dinner. It was yesterday. This year was one of our biggest dinners to date. It was amazing, fun, and exhausting. We cooked and served over 100 lbs of spaghetti. We also had our first ever silent auction. It was a huge success. I still have one basket to deliver to the bid winner, but people were excited to come back and pick up their prize. Anyways, obviously and event like this doesn't get planned and executed in one day. It's been crazy! We're a really small troop so everyone doing their part was key. We have a great scouting family!
2. Cousins hanging out. K4 and K talked for something like 6 hours straight. They had a blast together and I'm so happy they have so much in common besides blood. It was fun hanging out with my sil and brother after the dinner. We need more time like that.
3. I start my new job tomorrow! I'm excited and nervous! I have much to do today to prepare myself and my family for the change.
4. Edits! My next release from Liquid Silver will come out around the end of May. More info on that as available.
5. I hate shopping. Yesterday I made the trek for work clothes. Ugh. At one point I was in tears in the dressing room as I realized I have no idea what my personal style is and because of how much I dislike my body at the moment. I'd started off feeling pretty good. The scale was down, I felt in control and confident... Anyway. I managed to make some decent purchases even though I blew my original budget.
6. Retreat planning! I've already ordered our t-shirts. They're an awesome color. My only committee member and I have a plan for some very awesome swag. Since our numbers are lower this year, we will fit in the awesome little hallway I've always wanted to check out and we'll be steps away from our meeting room. Less than two months! I can't wait!
That's enough for now. I have a crazy amount of stuff to do today!

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