Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Only Sucks Because I Say So...

THIS Monday sucks because I say so... I didn't want to do what I had to do. No one wanted to get up and take showers and get out the door. We didn't plan dinner and ended up throwing crap together - though it turned out great. Our evening was busy. I didn't get to sit down and relax until almost 9pm.
But. Next Monday should be awesome. Sorry for the tease. I'll explain as soon as I can. I promise!
We took the puppy to see Grandma tonight. She was bad (the puppy, not grandma). Grandma doesn't really like the puppy on her couch (though she loves her granddog!) and since we let her on ours... well... Elsa was into everything, but not crazy and out of control. It was a calm disobedience. lol.
I'm tired. That Man has already set up the coffee pot for the morning. It's killing me. I'm so confused. I smell the freshly ground coffee and it hits me in the "get up and drink coffee" place. But I haven't slept. See what I mean?
I think I'm delirious. Must sleep!

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