Friday, April 18, 2014

Feel Good Friday!

Hey... Feel Good Friday on Friday! How rare is that? Ha!
Here's the list...
1. Friday. Yeah. If you've been keeping up, you understand!
2. No cooking tonight... Everyone was on their own for dinner. Plenty of leftovers and other stuff to make... Come to think of it... I never did eat anything for dinner.
3. Pizza for lunch! Though by the time I got to eat, it was cold, but it was still good.
4. Doughnuts for breakfast! I got way too many and brought almost a dozen home, but they were appreciated.
5. Feeling like I have a handle on things. I know this feeling won't last, but for now I will take it!
6. Having not much to do tomorrow... besides laundry, some cleaning, shopping, cooking... Oh and sleeping in!
7. Sunday's plans. Looking forward to my grandson's first Easter egg hunt, the food, and hanging out with my awesome family.
8. This week - even though it's been long, it's been good.
9. Flamingos! I will post pictures then, but Kris' school had a fundraiser to "flock" yards. We did three yards and they all have happened. Two very good friends, and our parents. It was fantastic!
10. Dr. Who marathon tonight! We're still at the very beginning, but it is renewing my love. That's a very good thing!
That is all. I think the Dr. Who watching will commence from the comfort of my bed...

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