Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Craziness...

Yeah, so, it's my birthday. I was trying to keep everything on the down low. I'm not particularly fond of being the center of attention, but That Man and K2 had other plans.
I go into work this morning and was greeted by a huge good morning from the receptionist. She's always very pleasant so I didn't think anything of it. As I started walking to my desk, my boss comes running out and tells me in a kind of stern voice that she needs to see me immediately. I'm thinking - "Oh crap. I'm going to get fired on my birthday" I start walking towards the conference room, but she leads me into our break room instead, where there are balloons, a cake, and fabulous Dunkin Donuts coffee. I look at her and she said "Surprise, your husband and daughter set this up." I'm stunned and almost cry, but don't. Instead I call them jerks (in the loving-est of ways). And then I laugh because one of the balloons is this huge cow. It's hysterical and I knew right away that K2 had picked it. They got up early to gather everything and drop it off before I got there. How awesome is that? My boss tells me to get my cake now, because That Man brought the cake and coffee for everyone and she wanted to make sure I got mine before she sent an email telling everyone about the cake / coffee.
I do that, log in, and head across the street to the store to start my last week of store training. To sum up, it was a good day. I meet more of my coworkers because they went out of their way to come up to me to say Happy Birthday. That was very cool. I had work emails from so many people, including the bosses, which was also cool! (All of this makes me love my job even more!)
K1 and K2 ended up in a lengthy Facebook conversation on my wall. It included a ton of Nic Cage meme's, which had me laughing hysterically even though I had over 110 emails in my inbox as a result. I had a lot of nice messages, too.
That Man made grilled garlic chicken, potatoes, and asparagus for dinner. I didn't have to cook, clean up, or even thing about dinner, laundry, or much else. We did watch Baby B for a little while, which was very good. I missed him and he's so funny. And he loves his Nanners and Pappy! He wanted my cow balloon! (Shush! I'll get him an Easter balloon!)
The only downsides were K4 not feeling well :( and me (I think) breaking at least one toe, maybe two. I was heading upstairs to change into my comfy pants and when I went over the baby gate, I cracked my toes on the steps. Hard. They hurt. Really, really bad - like I can't put weight on them bad. (and no, I had not had one single adult libation!) Which totally sucks, because my feet actually felt good today and now I have to deal with the pain again.
Oh and my awesome parents got me gnomes for my birthday! I love it! They're very cute. I will take a picture of them soon!
So that was my birthday. Awesome! But I didn't get any older. Just so you know...

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