Friday, August 04, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Oh! We made it!!

We'll do Good Thing, Bad Thing...

Let's start with the bad.

1. That Man's Mom is in the hospital. She went tonight. Her blood pressure was out of control and her confusion was epic. She's in active Congestive Heart Failure, but the doctors are managing it. They want to keep her for a few days to get the fluid out and check her meds.

2. I am missing my great-nephews first birthday party tomorrow. :(

3. I am also missing my meeting and my friends. :(

4. The work ahead of me this weekend is daunting.

5. Another month of one car between the two of us. I can't wait to get my Jeep back.

Now Good.

1. My latest update on That Mom is that her bp has dropped and she's breathing better. Good. I also love the doctor that saw her before we left. He was attentive and listened to us. And I got a laugh and a smart assed comment from her when I got there, which is awesome. That Mom is very close to me and our sense of humor matches.

2. Hopefully good attic progress tomorrow between hospital time and prepping for my niece's baby shower.

3. Talking to my sister. It was a very good conversation. I miss her.

4. The thunderstorm we're having right now! Awesome! We're under a severe watch/warning. I love it!

5. Emails from good friends!

6. The plan to get stuff done this weekend, despite everything else.

7. My awesome sister-in-law celebrating her new old lady status today! :) 50 like me now! She's also FIVE years cancer free! Fantastic! She has been my friend since ninth grade and I don't know what I'd do without her! She has a heart of gold and the kind of no-nonsense attitude that I aspire to have! Love her!

8. Figuring out what to eat for dinner with K4. We wandered and wandered around the ginormous grocery store after leaving the hospital. Finally, she decided on something and so did I. But we laughed a lot and managed to keep each other sane while in the huge grocery store. (I hate this grocery store. It stresses me out, but we figured we'd have better luck getting something for dinner fast there.)

9. Living through the work week. One of my favorite coworkers had his last day today. It's sad. I'm going to miss him and his sense of humor and great attitude. He moved on to bigger and better things, but work is not going to be the same without him. Last week, we said good-bye to another guy, who I really like, but didn't really get to know. It's weird and the changes are disconcerting.

10. Meeting my writing goal! (Finished the short!!) Now on to sequels!! Yay!

That is all!


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