Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Today has been a pretty good day.

I wrote a bunch of words. Good words, too. (well... maybe. I hope.)

I picked up a penny from the parking lot at the day job today. This penny has been in the parking lot months - like since winter or before. Every time I would see it, it was heads down and I would hear my mom's voice telling me to never pick up a heads down penny and to wait. I always wondered if it would ever be heads up and what would have to happen for it to be so...

Today, it was heads up. I don't know how. And it's now in my pocket. It's very worn and beaten, but it was heads up. Finally. I can't tell you how many times I've walked by that penny. It was hot and a mess, but as I slid it into my pocket, I felt a definite sense of peace and rightness. I can't explain that. It is what it is.

Someone I very recently started working with bought my book and this morning, though she hadn't finished it, told me she was loving it. Awesome! Total author validation! Even if she ends up hating it at the end, she still loved it for a time. Right?

Phone calls that turned out better than I expected. Nah...  I don't want to get into it, but suffice it to say that my worries are put to rest. That's all I can ask for.

That's three good things. Awesome.

The only bad part about the day is That Man isn't feeling that great. His head is killing him. He slept a while, took some meds, and is feeling some better. Good. But what is up with that? Though, he's always dealt with headaches. It has been a while though. This is where K4 gets it. I wish I had answers and a solution.

K4 also had a migraine today. She missed work and her oral surgeon appointment. She is feeling better after sleeping pretty much all day. Like father, like daughter.

Attic work was done, but not by me. K1 went through a bunch of his stuff, and from what I can see, we have a win as far as space goes. Very good.  AND I folded all of the laundry in addition to what laundry I did tonight. That's like the bees knees or something, right?

So now it's bedtime. The laundry is as done as it ever gets around here. We had a good dinner and dishes are done. Toys are cleaned up. Trash is taken out (which was no small feat - attic cleaning. I'm thrilled to see all of the crap gone). The house is in semi-decent order. I'm okay with all of that.

That is all...


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