Saturday, March 24, 2007


That's what's on my agenda for the day.
And yes, I'm procrastinating. But I'm also eager to get it finished. Go figure.
There's just a lot to do. And the dog is shedding incredibly right now. And there's mud outside. A lot of mud. Which translates to big muddy paw prints. My desk is piled high with everything I've ignored for the past week while I endeavored to finish my work in progress. But, hopefully by this evening, I'll be sitting in a clean and shiny house. That's an incredible help to my brain.

Thought I was going to get to sleep in this morning - technically, I did - for about a half an hour. B left to pick up K2 and her pals from a youth group overnighter and then run some errands. Before he left, he woke me to tell me the dog had major diarrhea and I needed to go downstairs so I could stay close and prevent another accident in the house. Ugh. I have to admit, I did snooze on the couch for another hour, but that's not the same as staying in my nice warm bed. But, better than having a sick dog poop on the floor. My concern is more what's wrong with her than my lack of sleep.

Oh. More injuries - this one makes three for the week: B threw his back out, K1 and his lovely stitches and now K2. She called me last night to tell me she got hit in the eye with a hockey puck and now has a black eye. I haven't seen it yet. I'm not sure I want to.
I think I'll wrap everyone in bubble wrap.



Natalie Damschroder said...

Ugh on the injuries. But since things come in threes, you're probably okay for a while now.

You know about the pet food recall, right?

Misty said...

My word! I'll supply the bubble wrap.