Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Random Things

I started my morning by draining our waterbed.
Through some weird cosmic interference and the use of a really stupid adaptor, I nearly flooded the whole house. Water was dripping into my living room - from the third floor. K2 had rivers of water flowing down her newly painted walls. Not pretty. But (i think) all is well now. The bed is finally empty. Dismantling and refilling will commence as soon as B gets home from work.
Then, I need to clean my house. No, really clean. Ugh. After over a month of hole patching and sanding, floor stripping and sanding...well, you can imagine. There is dust...everywhere. Not looking forward to that. At all.
As you can see, I'm nearly done with my work in progress. This book has been like pulling teeth - maybe because my work time has been fragmented and my house upside down - maybe it's just a hard book to write. I don't know. It's going to sit for a while before I tackle the revisions though. Probably long enough for me to write a whole new book. We'll see.
And I think that's all I have right now.
Behave! (Except those of you who are exempt)

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