Friday, September 28, 2007

Finally Friday!

Temperature is much nicer here now.
A cool 74* with a nice breeze.
That makes me very happy.
This will be short. I don't have much, if anything, to say.
So, I'll leave you with a few random things from my day.
The cardboard box in my living room. It's a big one - not quite refrigerator size. It made a nifty fort, until the kids split the side. I threw it out, and it's back in the living room. I don't get it. I fully understand to coolness of boxes, but in my opinion, this one's done its time and is now considered trash. Obviously I'm the only one in my family to think so. Especially since K3 currently has it arranged like a duck blind and is reading a book inside.
The fender bender that occurred this morning at the four-way stop near the younger K's school. Apparently there was much honking and a moderately loud crash. I was standing not far from the scene and didn't hear or see it. Since this isn't the first time I've proven to be totally clueless, I'm beginning to wonder about the cohesiveness of my brain these days.
Today was "pajama day" at the younger K's school. Yeah, they went to school in the pajama's. It was kind of weird to walk them down the street with them wearing sleep pants and slippers. K4 was outside at gym when I arrived at school to pick them up. That was weird too.
Okay - so I got more than I thought I would.
Enjoy the weekend, and...

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