Thursday, September 06, 2007

Something Pretty...

Early morning at camp.
I only missed it once out of the three mornings we were there.
This picture was taken at the end. I love to watch the mist swirl, shift into nearly a funnel and dissipate. It's soothing and fills my brain with tons of interesting thoughts and ideas.
Our camper is positioned in such a way that if it hadn't been so darned cold this weekend, I could watch the mist from bed. Still, we sat in front of the camper, bundled up in sweats and drinking coffee, watching the fog shift and change.
This was possibly our last campout of the year and was very quiet. My parents were the only ones in the meadow, besides us. My sister and her husband were busy with work on their house, my brother was away elsewhere, other friends were dealing with post knee surgery limitations, add the passing of my brother-in-laws grandmother (the matriarch of the meadow) and the weekend was subdued.
We might do a fall campout - if we can coordinate everyone's schedule and pick a weekend that isn't full. That kind of makes me laugh (in a sarcastic kind of way). Tonight the younger K's are auditioning for their very first play, 'Alice in Wonderland, Jr'. Seriously, what do you think our chances of having a free weekend are?
I'm still hopeful though.

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