Friday, September 07, 2007

A Picture...

Anomaly pic.
This was taken Friday night at camp. (Notice how crazy my dog's eyes look - in the full size pic they're red.)
I don't know what the blue circle is. Reducing the size doesn't do anything for the impact of the picture. I've blown the round thing up and the blue swirls with lighter blue at the center. My photo software program is kind of outdated, so I couldn't do a lot with it. I find it interesting, but in no way am I saying this is an orb or anything like that. It was pretty easy to dismiss the other pics with circular spots, except for two others - one with a green glow and one with a similar blue tone.
I guess it could be, except I don't know enough about them to be qualified to judge. I've been doing a lot of research on them, among other paranormal things. Maybe it's a bug, a reflection, or some glitch in my already nearly-defunct camera.
Anyway. I thought it was neat - especially when coupled with my dog's creepy eyes. So there you have it. Something to ponder on a hot Friday afternoon.
The main reason I posted this is because, fact and research aside, the ideas and scenarios inspire me. I mean, what if it's a fairy or something? Or a tiny alien?
I'm cultivating an idea for a new book and I like the ideas that pop into my head when I'm studying similar-type pictures. (Which is why I've been doing so much ghost picture searching)
There you have it.
Enjoy the weekend!

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