Friday, September 21, 2007


Not really.
At least not as in cleaning my house. We won't go there right now.
Since I missed posting yesterday due to an insane day that didn't feel like it was ever going to end, I need to pretend it's yesterday and say: Happy Birthday! to my dad.
And yes, I did talk to him. They're currently on vacation (which I think was a ploy to get out of dealing with the birthday obnoxiousness that belongs to this family). At the beach. And when I talked to my dad yesterday, he had the nerve to tell me his knees got cold while they were on the beach earlier. I told him I had absolutely no sympathy for his cold knees and that he's not allowed to complain because, after all, he's at the beach and the rest of us are not. His response? Laughter.
Last night was back to school night - at K2's high school and her drama school. Since the drama school is new to us, we went there. What a fantastic place. Their philosophy is awesome, as is the community awareness and involvement they strive for. They meet in the oldest church in the city, which is incredible to look at and be inside of. The facility is filled with antiques, old photographs and apparently, even a ghost.
Oh, my point? I do have one, besides the rambling. Listening to K2's teacher talk about learning the craft, honing the craft and the different exercises she teaches to help the students learn to step away from themselves and play the part really struck me. Writers and Actors are very similar. Instead of acting on the stage, writers act on the page. It's more internal, but no less demanding than acting.
And that, my friends, is my deep thought for the day.
Enjoy the weekend, and, as always...

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