Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: Entry Eight

The days stretch into an endless haze of heat and insanity.
My mind has definitely been affected more than I originally feared. The brief trip to other camps has left the natives even needier, though they survived my absence and even thrived. Now the countdown to the learning has begun. The natives look upon this with both dread and excitement. I look upon it the same way. Before they can begin their days of education, they must be properly outfitted with clothing and shoes and supplies. They are excited about this. I cringe at the outlay of shells and fluffy bits, but alas, there is no choice in the matter.
The food supplies situation has become critical. The items disappear at an alarming rate, despite numerous detection systems. This leaves me to believe the culprit is someone who either has access to our camp or someone who calls this camp home. I realize I should have recognized this possibility at the beginning, but since the natives are constantly vocalizing their hunger it did not occur to me that they are bottomless pits of aggressive hunger.
The calendar continues to remain full of various activities that require me to exercise my organizational skills. I yearn for vacation - for long days spent on the beach doing nothing but relaxing and laughing. Sadness fills me at the lack of prospects for this year since our wagon is in dire need of important mechanical work. Alas...
I am surviving. The natives now smile when they see me and the fear I held for my life has faded.
I think all will be well...


Ava Quinn said...

I loved the numerous detection systems. Glad to hear the entry end on a positive note. I was wondering if I needed to make a foray into the jungle to drop off supplies.

Victoria said...

I'll send out smoke signals! You could probably see them from your house!