Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Ready for the answers?

1. When I was a kid, we drove from Missouri to California to see my grandfather. My parents and five of us kids. In a station wagon. We drove through a tornado (well, kind of), saw the "Giant Ball of Twine", and stopped at Trading Posts for beaded things. My dad hit a pheasant and it began cooking while pressed against the radiator. When we stopped, he tossed it into a dumpster and someone took it out to take home. I do not remember Disney Land at all, though I know we went. False, but there are parts of it that are true. It was Kansas to California in a station wagon. My dad did hit a pheasant, but that was during another trip. The rest of the pheasant story is true. Never saw the "Giant Ball of Twine", but I do remember stopping at Trading Posts.

2. Also, when I was an older kid, we went on a road trip to Graceland. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you found out Elvis died? I do. That's besides the point. We were in a pick-up truck - back in the day when you could haul your kids in the back - and my brothers tormented me and my sisters the entire time. I ended up puking my guts out (probably food poisoning) and staying in the truck while everyone else toured Graceland. False. We never went to Graceland. We'll talk about the Elvis dying thing in another post. We did travel in a pick-up truck, and my brothers did torment us. The rest is a lie.

3. On a more recent road trip to Connecticut...a five hour drive ended up being nine, thanks to an accident that we would have been involved in had we not had to make an emergency pit stop for one of the K's. Our camper tire shredded right after we'd made the pit stop, and we spent an unusual hour along the side of the road. Another vehicle lost a tire and it bounced down the highway barely missing my sister's Jeep. We missed the wedding we were going to, and barely made it to the reception. Then, we spent the night in a terrible campground. This is 100% true. Believe it or not.


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