Wednesday, September 22, 2010


<------- They are everywhere! Everywhere! The entire back of my house is covered with the little buggers!
I do not like them.
They smell funny and move like dinosaurs when they aren't flying and I think they've come to kill me in my sleep.
There are several already in the house - hiding in corners and around the lights. How long until they all get in? And then what?
I think I already mentioned how I think I swallowed one of them once. Perhaps that event has drawn them to me? Maybe they are coming to lay eggs in my body? Or eat my flesh?
I look to the window and there are dozens of them against the screen...watching me.
I am afraid!


Misty said...

It's a toss up then to see who will kill you first, the Zombie Mimes or the bugs :) I should go place my bet!

sailorcross said...

These are the most irritating things!! I walked outside a few days ago, and one divebombed my head!! And the really weird thing is....I didn't remember seeing these when I was young (oh, so long ago!!) I looked it up....these were first found in Allentown, PA in 1996....brought into the country with some packing from overseas!! Hopefully, with these few warm days, they'll go back outside...but once it gets cold again they'll be back.....staring at, BE READY!!


Victoria said...

Place your bet, Misty, but get your zombie gear ready. You just never know about these things!!!

Victoria said...

Interesting, Beth! I know I don't remember ever seeing them around before a few years ago.
They can go back where they came from as far as I'm concerned!

Ava Quinn said...

Those bugs are driving me crazy too. They're everywhere!

Victoria said...

When I switched laundry last night, there was one in the washer. And I could smell his stink bug stink! Gross!!