Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The truth about the picture!
1. We took a hike at camp and found it, set up just like that, in the middle of the dried up creek runoff. Nope. But it wouldn't surprise me!
2. A before picture - meaning before the K's decided to use my ironing board for dirt sledding. There wasn't anything left after they were done...well, except my anger. Nah. And I hope none of them read this. They don't need the ideas.
3. A text photo sent to me by my niece who is vacationing in New York. B's response was: Tell her I'm bringing her my ironing. Yeah. Sorry it was the tamest one out of all of them. I've yet to find out the story behind it. Who could be interesting.
4. While biking through our local park, we found this set up at the end of the path. To the left, there's a basket of clothing, but no iron and no don't know. That would crack me up.
So there you have it.

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