Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Summer Survival: Year Two: Entry Eight

This will be my last post of the season.
We are back into the routine of the educational camps, albeit grudgingly. The youngest native has decided she no longer wishes to attend. It is difficult to convince her to get out of her sleeping bag in the mornings and she is prone to seeking medical attention while at the educational camp. This week is traditionally difficult thanks to the holiday break and I am hoping this passes as it has in the past.
Now instead of staying up late and sleeping in, I must pay attention to the time keeping devices and make sure they do not stay at the camp fire too long. This also means I must make sure I am awake at an awful hour to provide them the proper sustenance and have on at least semi-matching apparel.
And that is okay because after I see them off, I have hours to do what I need to do. Write! Only my brain is somewhat broken at the moment. Progress has been slow, but improves with each day. Though it is nearly impossible to continue when they arrive home. Their chatter is nonstop and not only do they not care what I am doing, they do not care who else might be talking. This is a habit I thought was broken when they were very small. I do enjoy talking with them, a lot, but there has been some reversion of expectations at the moment and apparently a re-training event is necessary.
While I love the cooler temperatures, I do not look forward to the coming months, except for the dismissal of this horrid year. But that is a different topic.

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