Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ten Reasons...

I'm currently in a coffee shop, trying to get some writing done before an appointment.
This isn't working for me, and here's why:
1. There are people on all sides of me. In particular, a table of women who can't seem to keep their eyes off my computer screen.
2. I have to use the facilities and would prefer not to walk away from my belongings in such a busy place.
3. My cup of coffee cost $4.
4. This chair makes my back hurt.
5. The table leans to the left and I keep tilting my head to make things straight.
6. My coffee is gone.
7. The news is on and it's a little loud and keeps capturing my attention.
8. I only seem to get a sentence or two edited before another group of people walk in and bring the cold air with them. (plus, you know, I've got people looking over my shoulder.)
9. I forgot to bring my iPod and headphones in with me. See #2.
10. I find myself doing more people watching than focusing on what I have to do.
On the other hand, people watching is a good thing. The snippets of conversation around me, the news I never ever watch, hearing the staff discuss where things are. It is somewhat comforting here. I like hearing the machines run behind me and the pleasant way they treat customers. And today is the first time I've ever tried this, so since it's new I may not be as productive as I will be in the future. We'll see...
Tall Tale Tuesday answers later today! There's still time to guess.
*Edited: Things went bad shortly after I wrote this post. There was a man behind me constantly clearing his throat. The women beside me became even more entranced with watching me and the subtle coffee machine sound was replaced with the mutilation of ice cubes being transformed into smoothies. Too loud. Couldn't take it anymore. So I left. My appointment is finished and now I am at the library in the blessed (nearly) quiet, with my headphones and nearly the entire mezzanine to myself - at least this side of it. I'm still having trouble focusing, but I'm hoping it's a transitory thing. We shall see....(continue to behave!)

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