Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tall Tale Tuesday Fail!

No Tall Tale this week!
Maybe because I'm lame. Maybe because I have nothing. Maybe because I've spent my day running around like a freak...not cleaning for Thursday...not cooking for Thursday...(okay, so it's a little too early to cook, but you get the point) I did spent most of my day volunteering at the middle school for County Chorus day. That was pretty awesome. A long day for K3 - at school before 8 and not home until nearly 9 - singing all day. He's exhausted, but wound up after a fantastic show.
But tomorrow is sleeping in for a little, cleaning, and then cooking. Sleeping in! How awesome is that? And minions to do my bidding! I have a plan and a list and my list isn't terrible, but there are some crappy things on there (like cleaning the crapper and cleaning the cat's crapper). Oh and I have to write at least 50 words to stay in my writing group challenge, so that's on the list, too.
And I will be ready for Thursday.
I swear!

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