Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Okay. Here's the answer:

1. A stuffed animal left out in the rain. Nope. I think we did that one already??
2. A ground hog - dead - at camp. Yes. My sister's dog killed it like this Rambo dog all gung ho and vicious-like. Which is odd, because my sister's dog is the sweetest dog in the world. But I guess she felt we were all being threatened. The girls were saddened by the little guy's death and carried it off into the woods on a shovel to bury it all proper like. The white stuff is flowers they picked. I'm uncertain if there was a eulogy involved. I do not know why they felt it necessary to take pictures. All of this happened before we could even set up camp.
3. Roadkill. Also no.
So there you have it. Oh and the library worked out better, but I did end up with someone sitting practically on top of me at my table, and then staring at me for nearly the entire time she was there. At least I felt comfortable enough to use the facilities. I guess that's something. I will try it again for sure.

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