Monday, July 25, 2011

It IS Monday!

I knew it was before I even opened my eyes this morning. Heck, I knew it before I closed them last night! And I did not like it! I distinctly remember the days when I loved Monday. I no longer love Monday.
Though, it doesn't feel like someone's holding a blow torch on me anymore. That's one good thing.
And it rained. Also good.
We dropped K3 at my sister's so he can go on vacation with them. That is good and sad. He was very excited and will have so much fun with his cousin, but I will miss him.
Oh! And! My sister has stink bugs! On her vegetables in the garden! I haven't seen them for myself, but I have no reason to doubt her. I checked my veges and they're completely fine. So where did my stink bugs go?
Harry Potter totally rocked! Loved it! I left the theater very sad. I felt the same way when I left the theater after seeing LotR, RofK. It's over...And, right now, I cannot imagine loving something else as much as I have loved the Harry Potter series.
And...that's about it for this Monday. I'm going to try to get a few words cranked out before my pillow needs me.

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