Sunday, July 17, 2011

More On Stinkbugs...

So I finally got our bedroom cleaned (It's been on my list for weeks). And it was a major cleaning that netted 2 huge bags for donation...I feel good about that and the extra drawer and closet space. (and I cleaned out part of K4's closet to store the winter clothes.)
In doing so I found about a bazillion dead stink bugs and not one single live one.
One thing I discovered was that stink bugs that have been dead for a while get all hollow and stuff. The inside of their hollow bodies are red. (I found at least forty-five million in a drawer) I don't "think" they stink anymore. I didn't smell anything when I sucked up their dead butts. There were only dead ones in the places I really expected to find at least one live one.
I don't know what that means...I guess we'll see. I'm not lowering my guard though. It's too dangerous. They are too tricky. I don't miss them, that's for sure, but I'm not convinced they are gone for good.
In other news, there's a lightning bug flying around my house right now. It was a little startling when he starting lighting up, but now I like it. Lightning bugs are much better than flies.
It's too freaking hot right now. I'm counting the minutes until I can head into the air conditioning...

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