Friday, October 21, 2011

Feel Good Friday - Ha! The Friday Edition

Yes, it's late, but it's still Friday!
Here's the list...
1. Living through the week. I say that a lot lately. I hate it.
2. New Supernatural!
3. Getting the kids room cleaned.
4.  Fish tacos for dinner.
5. Extreme Makeover PA Edition. That was cool. It would have been cooler had I not had to try to switch back and forth between Supernatural and that! It better be On Demand soon!!
6. Maybe sleeping in tomorrow. No guarantees, but maybe?? I hope!
7. The big move going on this weekend.
8. Our lovely little fireplace!
9. My bed.
10. Comfy pants and comfy worn out sweat shirts!
That is all for now. Perhaps I will come back tomorrow and explain why The Exorcist terrifies me!

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