Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trying to Keep Up!

I meant to blog last night...
This week seems like it's been two weeks long already and it's only Tuesday!
Tonight is our town's annual Halloween Parade. The parade comes right down our street, which means we end up with about a million visitors. Normally it's a really good time, but I'm not into this year. Yeah, we're still hanging out to watch, but I forgot to send the mass email out reminding everyone, and the people I did tell forgot. So, we have a small crowd this year. Which is fine. The house didn't look even halfway presentable until about 20 minutes ago. K2 planned to clean for me today, but her work meeting ran late, and then there was a slight family emergency to attend to.
I'm not cooking this year. No time. Usually I make chili and stuff and do the grand hostessing thing. I bought some cookies and threw frozen pizza in the oven for dinner, but I forgot beverages. I'm not fighting traffic to go and pick anything up either.
We've got about an hour until the chaos begins. My granddaughter and her mom on our their way. It'll be fun to watch her watch. And my folks should be showing up soon. I'm not sure how many more we'll have.
The only thing I know with great certainty is that I'll be glad when it's over. Next year I'm going to have a better plan so I don't feel like such a Halloween Scrooge!
That is all for now!

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