Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid-week Insanity...

It's been an off week around here. Really off and kind of bad. It's Wednesday and for the life of me I can barely remember the weekend! All I know is I'm seriously looking forward to Saturday and the promise of sleeping in.

It's been harder and harder to get the horde moving for school in the morning. Okay, technically the spawn are no longer a horde since there's only two of them, but old habits and all of that. Getting up is hard for me and I'm the one with two million alarm clocks going off at various times. And I really need to change the radio station on one of them. If I wake up to rap music one more freaking time I might jump out the window. Anyway.

This morning some guy knocked on the back door when it was still dark. I had a little moment of freak out, and then I realized the dog wasn't in the house and she wasn't barking outside either. It turns out that my geriatric dog was a street freaking traffic! She never leaves the yard. Well, okay, she has a few times, but it's mostly in pursuit of us - following us, or visiting grandma. We don't know why she left, though that man I live with had only just driven off to work. Maybe she thought she'd follow him? Or maybe she saw someone walking that she thought was one of us and followed? Then there's probably the cold hard truth - she's becoming senile. We'll probably never know what happened this morning, but I'm grateful for the stranger who found her and took the time from his own busy morning to bring her home. Though, technically she brought him home. He asked her to take him home and she did, so maybe she's not so senile.

We're in birthday season around here. K3 turns 15 next week! 15!? And...ugh...Christmas is coming. I don't want to talk about it yet...

That is all...

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