Friday, February 10, 2012

Feel Good Friday

So we made it to Friday again. Isn't that what we do every week? Just struggle to make it until Friday? I hate that most weeks. I do - and I know I miss out on other good days in my quest to get to the end. Going to have to think about that one and see if I can rearrange my thinking...
So here's the list for this week:
1. My new iPhone! Gawd! I love it and want to have its babies and I've only had it a little over 24 hours. My computer is a little jealous, but I'm confident we can find an arrangement that works for all of us.
2. New Supernatural tonight! (Though I think it's about clowns. *shudders* I hate clowns!)
3. Snow! Or at least it's supposed to.
4. My kid buying me a case for the new phone. She's so sweet!
5. Sleeping in tomorrow.
6. K3 being so excited for his Scout training weekend.
7. Good books to critique.
8. My brain working - having ideas, thinking about the wip. I guess I'm not broken!
9. Jeans that fit. Wooo!
10. Having a menu planned out and doing the shopping (with the snow crazed people) so that I don't have to hit the store a hundred-million times!
That is all! It's almost time for Supernatural!

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