Friday, July 28, 2017

Feel Good Friday...

All the good that is good!! (never mind my raging headache!)

1. It's Friday and the end of a very long work week. We said goodbye to an awesome co-worker, had some good food, dealt with a glitchy system, and did our best to get the work done on time.

2. Hanging out at The Thing That Man and I went to on Wednesday. It was good food and good conversation. I'm glad I went.

3. That sneezing thing going away. Yay! Though I am still achy and tired.

4. Talking to my sister this week. We don't talk often enough and while it was a super quick and necessary conversation, it was still good. I still need to fill her in on a few things, but it is what it is and we'll get there. Plans to see her next weekend!

5. No cooking or dishes tonight. We ordered pizza which was awesome and a much needed break!

6. Though it doesn't sound like fun, the plans for tomorrow to work in the attic all day. We will make great progress!

7. It's raining and I love that!

8. Getting words on the page! I've done pretty well this week. Not awesome, but not horrible either.

9. My dog being all snuggled up next to me. She's a tired puppy.

10. Bed and sleeping in tomorrow. Since I'll be going to bed very soon, the sleeping in time will be silly, but still! Sleeping until I can't sleep anymore is awesome! Ha!

That is all...


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