Tuesday, July 25, 2017


More attic work...

It's not so hot today, so we worked a little longer. Yes, we have an air conditioner to put in up there, but getting the crap out of the way has to come first. It's not that bad, but there's a system of stacking that's blocking the path.

Tonight's work was clearing out one of the storage spaces so we can put some of K1's things in there. Yeah. I'm storing my grown kids crap, but it is what it is. We have most of it moved in and took as much trash as we thought the trash men will take out to the curb.

After clearing out my parent's house, I have no desire to save things. Gone are two boxes of VHS tapes. We don't want them. We have no use for them. And I know from experience that no one will buy them. (Don't even think yard sale - that's something I highly doubt I will ever do again. Horrible)

We're getting ever closer to being ready to start finishing the walls and then doing the floors. I hope it goes quickly. I need it to be done so we can move on to the next project and eventually find some kind of order in this house. Ack.

K4 wants a waterbed, so we're on the lookout for that. Don't judge. That Man and I have always had a waterbed - he had one before we got married. I've never even thought about getting a different kind of bed. I like it. And yes, I managed four pregnancies getting in and out of it with no issues. I have rarely slept on a mattress that feels as good as mine - except one time at the beach, and then the bed at my uncles house. That's not very many in thirty years of marriage, so there's that.

Anyway. The laundry is done, the dishes, and the writing, among a bunch of other stuff. It's time to go to bed...


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