Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday Nonsense

The nonsense of today... Or just stuff...

1. That Brother left. He's heading to a conference that he was not looking forward to. (I really wish I was heading to the National writing conference coming up next week. It's been too, too long since I went. Hopefully soon.)

2. I stopped at the store to buy food for the pets, but forgot paper products.

3. It's hot outside. Damn hot. Like heat advisory hot. I just stepped outside to throw something in the recycle can and almost died. No lie.

4. Oh! So. I went to bed after finishing my post last night... crawled in and got all snuggly with the air conditioners, the fans, and That Man. And then I felt/smelled it.Not only did the cat poop on our bed, there was also pee. So freaking disgusting. It was bad enough we had to change out the comforter, but nothing like changing sheets/mattress pads and sanitizing the mattress at 11:30pm. (We have a waterbed - something I am super grateful for since we don't have to worry about mattress smells/stains/blah) I'm still grossed out.

5. We had a bunch of whatever for dinner. There were so many leftovers in the fridge that we just pulled them all out and whatever you ate is what you ate. Everything left got pitched. Of course, this should have happened (and usually does) on Tuesday before the trash is taken out, but whatever.

6. Just a reminder - I have two new releases out. The free anthology short and Into the Fire. Both are available on Amazon. I hope you check them out.

That is all. I'm dead tired and have to get up early tomorrow...


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