Sunday, August 01, 2021

First of August...

Cursed Fate releases on Wednesday! If you're fast enough you can get Into the Fire free again at some point this week. I don't know exactly what the date is. There was a screw up with the schedule. 

Well, here we are... Beginning of August. 

This summer has gone by really fast. Or is that just me? 

I am looking forward to fall coming though! I'm tired of the heat and ready for sweatshirt weather. I'll miss my flip flops, but I'll wear them until my feet get too cold. 

Our weekend consisted of getting the kid's vehicle ready for inspection. Again. The framework has been done and That Man and K4 worked on the other stuff all weekend. We dropped it off this morning, so now it's finger crossing time. She's ready to have her vehicle back and we're ready to have ours back. 

We have some fun stuff coming up. Looking forward to those things. I have a lot of lists though.

That's all I have.


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