Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday, The 13th

I am missing all my nifty buttons on the create post page! I can't change my font, spell check or anything! Anyone else having this problem?

So, anyway. It's Friday the 13th. Are you superstitious?

Not me. Though I will admit to a few quirks. I'm more apt to believe in "good omens" than bad ones. Guess that makes me an eternal optimist.

No bathroom quiz. Again. Don't ask me. It's not like the kids suddenly developed neatness genes.

I'll be back Monday will hopefully more to say. In the meantime, don't open your umbrella up in the house. Stay away from black cats, ladders, cracked sidewalks and be careful not to break a mirror.


Natalie Damschroder said...

Click the "compose" tab on the right side of the composition window, and you should have more editing/formatting options. When it's in "Edit HTML" mode, it doesn't give them all to you.

Victoria said...

Thanks! I think I fixed it - at least it's working now. :) V.