Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Am Not Hiring!

Sunday I had two messages on my cell phone. Messages inquiring about the position in the Sunday paper. Umm...what? I checked the classifieds and sure enough, there was a position listed and my cell phone number was the contact.

I couldn't get in touch with anyone at the paper on Sunday. Not that it would have done much good. First thing Monday, the phone started ringing. Constantly. I placed a message on my voice mail that explained they'd reached a private number and I was in no way connected with the ad in the paper. I stopped answering except for numbers that registered as someone I knew or appeared to possibly be the school.

And still, I got messages. I did get an apology message from the man who placed the ad. Which was nice. I called the paper first thing but Monday's morning edition was already out.

If I did happen to answer, I explained the same thing to the caller. Without fail, they would ask if I knew the right number. Umm...huh? I had an insane amount of calls yesterday. They did finally taper off - except the call that came in at 10pm. Now that's insane! And I've had two so far today.

I did get a few good laughs - friends that called and left wacky messages in reference to the job. That made the ordeal a little easier to deal with. Except it saddens me that now I cringe when John Mayer starts singing...and I used to really love my ringtone.

Grandbaby update: K2's baby wasn't the only one that suffered with the death of batteries. We still don't know how she did yet, but at least she's not worried she did something wrong.

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