Wednesday, May 02, 2007


See that?
That's the next project around here. I think I mentioned it before. Bricks will be there. Soon. I hope. B started digging this hole late last summer and through the glory of Murphy's Law, it's still just a hole. With some sticks, balls and now a few volunteer Maple trees.
The plan is to work on it this weekend, in preparation for the stone and sand that has to go down before the bricks. It extends farther to the lower right, making a path beside the back porch and all of that needs dug out.
As long as I can find the batteries for the camera (I just bought some and they're gone), I'll try to post photographic updates. I'm excited to finish this because then I can work on my gnome garden. (And for the obvious reasons - no more dirt hole) My parents gave me lots of cute little gnomes for my birthday and right now they're in a box in my dining room. And flowers. Red flowers in pots around the perimeter of the patio (out of the way of the basketball hoop).
Maybe only exciting to me, but since this is my blog I can be that way. :)

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