Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Ramblings

Happy Thursday!
A new cliche will arrive soon. Once Misty and I agree on one. I just know you're missing that terribly.

So, I went down to switch laundry and found the dryer door open. Since our cat disaster, I don't leave the dryer door open. Someone did. I leaned in to pull the clean laundry out, and guess who was taking a nap inside? Yes. Our male cat, Kramer. Total heart attack/bad memory for me. He had the nerve to give me one of those indignant looks - like I'd just taken his food away or something. If you know my cat story, you'll appreciate my total terror.

I ought to be in premium shape tomorrow. Late night last night, a very long day and evening today, and then I'm meeting a bunch of friends to catch the 11:30 viewing of Pirates. 186 minutes - which means I'm not getting home until around 3am - if I'm lucky and depending on how much post movie chatting there is. Tomorrow is another really busy day, and at this point, it doesn't look like decent sleep is on my horizon until tomorrow night. There's no way I won't go though! I'm so excited! If you're lucky, I'll give you my opinions tomorrow.

If you're not lucky, it'll be Monday.
Enjoy the holiday weekend! Do lots of chores, but make sure to relax!
And most of all...

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Vicky B said...

Sounds like life as normal around your house, but glad the cat/dryer issue was a good one this time.

Have fun tomorrow night! I'll think of you while I'm soundly sleeping. :)
Then you can tease me about not knowing about the movie. :(