Friday, May 25, 2007


Okay, so you got lucky!
I am completely fried this morning - grumpy with a capital G - but the movie was totally worth it!

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead.
I've seen the first and second movies repeatedly. I won't go into the first movie because, let's face it, everything about it was fantastic. The second movie, however, gave me a different opinion every time I saw it. I loved it, then hated it, then just hated Elizabeth, then Jack. (yes, I know - wash my mouth out with soap.) I hoped this movie would bring the series back around and make me love everyone again.
It did.
Keith Richards was perfect as Jack's father. Once again, Bill Nighy knocked my socks off as Davy Jones. Love the accent and his tortured soul. The characters we already know were fantastic. The new ones equally as great. Plot twists, unexpected developments and lots of very funny moments. And...Holy. Cow. Will Turner. Holy. Cow. (My actual reactions are a little more extensive than this, but this blog has a PG rating) Still love Jack, but Will definitely had it all going on.
If you go, stay until after the credits. There's an extra scene there that'll make you glad you did. (In other words, watch your liquid consumption - you'd hate to have to run out of the theater to empty your bladder and miss it.)
Yes, the movie was long. (not quite as long as I previously stated though) There wasn't a single time I checked my watch, nodded off, or took my eyes from the screen. I didn't want it to be over! There will definitely be another theater viewing before the DVD arrives.
In the meantime...

I need more sleep!

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