Thursday, June 14, 2007


Same dog.
As you can see, or maybe not since the pic isn't the best (it was the most current overly-furry one), on the left is our little puppy, Abbie, pre-groomed. (She's a baby and only weighs 100 pounds!)
She carried a ton of hair around with her. And shed? Insane. I can't even begin to describe the amount of hair she could leave behind. On the right, is what she looks like today. Much thinner looking, and much, much cleaner. I can't even begin to describe combing her. It was nearly impossible, despite our best efforts. To give you a clue, it took the groomer nearly two hours to shave, bathe and spiff her up. She was miserable hot, and constantly digging to find a cool place to lay, hence creating more filth trapped in her thick hair. She's a Border Collie/Newfoundland mix, and has that really insane undercoat - impervious to pretty much anything.
Needless to say, she's much cooler now.
And considering it's only 60 degrees here, much cooler has a whole new meaning for her. She's freezing, and is currently curled up on the living room floor, covered up with a blanket.
Did I mention that she's spoiled too?
That's all for today...

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