Monday, June 25, 2007

Random Monday...

Homemade ice cream.
B's mom gifted us with an ice cream maker, actually two of them. One is the standard electric one, which makes a huge batch. The other is this little ball that you roll or play with. That'll be very cool for camping. Her only request was some lemon ice cream.
All the recipes I found for lemon ice cream required numerous steps, double-boilers and whipping the heavy cream before it's added. Uhhh....not happening. I did find a no-cook recipe for vanilla and I adapted that to make lemon. And, as a miracle, I was actually smart and used the little ball for that batch. It only makes a pint, so if it hadn't turned out, then the waste of ingredients wasn't as severe. There was none left and the kids had a blast "making" it.
After several days of drying, the camera actually works again. The knobs are a little tight thanks to the mud, and it's still not quite right. It does work though. For how long, we'll see.
Hard to believe it's the last week of June already. And only the third week of summer vacation. On one hand time is flying by, and on the other, it seems like the kids have been out of school for months.
Anyone else feel that way?
Or is it just me?

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Vicky B said...

Summer is definitely flying by and I don't even have kids any more to tell me they're bored!

I look at the calendar in shock. Where is the time going? Where did it go? It flies by much too quickly.

You are not alone! :)