Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thanks to everyone who commented!
Vicky B! You guessed right! And I guess A. too, even though you knew the answer and questioned the truth of the truth. ha!
The answer is....
2! I once was attacked by a Maine Coon.
Cat. (and yes, A, I was really attacked!)
I was 14 or 15. My friend, Wendy, had gotten a new puppy. We took the puppy over to her neighbors, (I carried him) who had these 2 huge Maine Coon's. I'd never seen a cat that big in my life. And they weren't happy with our presence. They kind of slunk around the edges of the room, watching us and growling a little. We decided we should go, and just as we were opening the door, one of the cats jumped on me. It was hanging off my back trying to get to the puppy. Then, it bit my left wrist. I had claw marks on my back and leg, and a pretty good bite mark. Scary! In retrospect, we should have known better than to take the puppy over, but what can I say...
So there you have it.
I have never taught a dog training class, and I was born in a hospital.
Look for more lies next Tuesday!


Vicky B said...

Oh goody! What do I win? A day in your exalted, but dangerous, dicey and diverse presence? :)

Vicky B.

Victoria said...

You make that sound like a scary thing! LOL Dangerous?
You win a hearty pat on the back!:) One day soon I hope to give prizes, but for now, you get the satisfaction of winning! :)