Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Kid

I usually don't post pictures/videos of my kids, but this one's a little different. I also refrain from religious or political commentary, but this, too, is different. K2 is in this video. She plays the lead girl. This is the performance that was recieved so greatly that they've performed it at other venues. It highlights the struggles teenagers go through on a daily basis. Grab some tissues.



Natalie Damschroder said...


When someone tells me to grab some tissues, I turn all cynical and skeptical. But I sure did tear up.

They really threw themselves into it--it was like a bomb went off at the 4-something minute mark, and the passion they put into the performance was amazing.

Victoria said...

Yeah, I'm the same way. If someone tells me something will make me cry, I rarely do.
But not with this...and I tear up everytime I watch it!
They're an amazing group of kids!