Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tall Tale Tuesday

I think the quiz last week went well. We'll see how long it is until I run out of lies...or maybe that's truths...ha!
Ready to try again?
Same format as last week.
Two lies and one truth.
Here we go.
1. I make most of my own clothes, though not underwear or socks, or jeans.
2. I am reasonably skilled at auto body repair.
3. I once helped with pig birth.
There you go.
Which one is the truth?
Still no prizes, but eventually...
Answers tomorrow.


Vicky B said...

I'd believe two or three, but I'm going to bet on number two. You simply don't have time to make your own clothes. As often as your cars break down, I'd say you have to know a little bit about that. Birthing a pig? I can honestly believe that! But I'll stick with car repair. :)

Vicky B.

Natalie Damschroder said...

I laughed at number one.

Number two seems the most likely, given how much you know about cars, but you said auto BODY repair, so I'm skeptical.

I'm going to go with 3. It's so you!

Victoria said...

You're right. Or, you know, you would have been! LOL