Sunday, August 10, 2008


A wedding list:
1. When only one of you really knows one of the people getting married, it's a bit awkward.
2. Having just your spouse to hang out with at such a wedding is worth it.
3. Waiting in hotel bars for the reception to start brings back memories of traveling to weddings and makes you nostalgic.
4. High heels suck - especially when you slip them off and then forget them because you're not used to wearing shoes at all.
5. Eating late and eating stuff you normally don't means you feel like crap the next day.
6. Rushing from a wedding reception to a surprise wedding shower is more fun than it sounds.
7. Especially when a wrong turn is made and you end up having to ask a state trooper who thought he was hiding for directions.
8. Catching up with old friends is good.
9. Having an entire afternoon and evening with just your spouse is awesome, even if you didn't get to dance at the reception.
10. Having a bloody nose and not being able to get it stopped and get your makeup put on will make you have to rush to get to the wedding on time. And it sucks.
And yes, all of it really happened.
A nap is definitely the first order of business for today.


Natalie Damschroder said...

LOL on #7 especially!

Victoria said...

Yeah, he didn't look so happy when we pulled in beside him. LOL