Friday, January 23, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Here's the list:
1. My wonderful man and his skill at dryer fixing.
2. My Bloody Valentine and 3D!!
3. New Supernatural - Loved it. Loved Barry Bostwick and the twist. Loved the boys.
4. Being able to put my jammies on at 6pm.
5. Walks around historical sites.
6. Applebees.
7. Not having to cook dinner.
8. Things that make me giggle. For example: A list of instructions that says "No fowl language". ha!
9. It's Friday.
Eww. And last night, just as I was settling into sleep, I reached over and put my hand on B's arm and guess what? There was one of those freaking bugs on him. Bleech. Where do they come from? They're up to something. I can tell.
Okay. Busy weekend. Lots of scout stuff and other stuff.


Susan Kelley said...

Usually I have a list of Friday happiness also, but this weekend is so jammed with busyness I can't get excited about it. Even though I'm going to enjoy all parts of it, no writing or reading is likely to get done.
Happy for you that you didn't have to cook dinner. Ewww for you about the bug. My husband just rescued me from one trying to sneak up on me near my writing desk. My hero.

Victoria said...

Most Fridays I have to force myself to write the list. But I'm always glad I do.
I'm with you on the no writing or reading weekend. This is one of those weekends where I'll have to remind myself to smell the roses and relax.
Those bugs...they're driving me nuts. I think they're working at world domination. *shiver*