Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here we are:
1. I've never seen The Goonies. True. Have never.
2. My knowledge of the entertainment world is very limited. I have conceded to Natalie on this. Originally, the answer was true, but as she pointed out I know all about things I'm passionate about - like Supernatural, Lord of the Rings, ect. (No one will play Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit with me.)
3. My dad was on American Bandstand when he was a teenager. True. I think he skipped school to go, but I'm not sure. I don't think he got to meet Dick Clark though.
4. B had the option of being a professional break dancer. Bwah ha ha ha. False.
5. I'm missing a toe on my left foot. Also False.
6. I hate to paint my toenails. False again. They're red right now, though B painted them last time.
7. The Lord of the Rings movies are my favorite movies. True. I very rarely, if ever, loan out my extended version DVD's.
There you have it. A bunch of nonsensical trivia that you probably don't care about anyway. Ha!


sailorcross said...

C'mon, now!! You're making up falsehoods in your answers!!

I know for a fact that B had a shot at being the most famous break dancer of all. He gave this ambition up when he met the girl of his dreams though. Good choice on his part.

He told me so.


Susan Kelley said...

Never seen the goonies!!!!! You must. And Samwise is the lead goonie. Really funny, but I just put in the 'Return of the King' to watch as I ready my email and visit some blogs before getting down to writing this evening.

Victoria said...

He's the one making up falsehoods! lol The rest was sweet!
V. :)

Victoria said...

I know. Everyone keeps telling me I need to see it. I just haven't had the chance! I heard Samwise was in it. Makes me want to see it more!
Return of the King is my favorite of all three!