Sunday, July 26, 2009

Road Trip: Part Three

Now for the reason we went.
I mentioned Sullivan Hall in my last post. It's a small venue. A chairless venue (and my feet can tell you how great that is, even in sneakers.) They have a fantastic staff - from the door people, to the bartenders, to the waitress.

Here's the lineup:

All in Blind: No photo of them. Unfortunately. The crowd was still very light, but the sound was incredible. They have a harder edge, but I really liked them. They hung around and talked for a while and were very friendly and enthusiastic. Their CD is going on my playlist for the new book.
The second band: Andy Suzuki and The Method. As you can see the stage was crowded and the lead guitarist and electric fiddle playere aren't even in this pic. They had a great sound and Andy has a fantastic voice and a ton of infectious energy. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to buy their CD, or talk to them.

Third: Life of Riley I have a video (with no sound), but can't figure out how to load it. Riley was a lot of fun to watch. I was already a fan before we went, thanks to finding him on My Space and listening to some of their music. Missed out on his CD, too, but he's very nice. Go here to see a pic (and Natalie's recap) of all of us with him. (I had my eyes closed!)

And last, but not least: Jason Manns
Loved it! I've been a fan of Jason's for quite a while and it was very exciting to finally get to see him in person. Due to time - the first band started late and the venue's second show - he didn't get to play long at all, but it was totally worth it. I got an autograph and 2 CD's, which thrills me to no end.
And a picture. He's really tall, and seems very shy. Yes, he was that sweaty. Do I look like I mind? Actually, I look a very goofy. But that's just how it goes with me. If I know someone's taking my picture, I can't seem to help it. (As evidenced by the eyes being closed in the picture on Natalie's blog)
I think we left Sullivan Hall around midnight. Hiked to the parking garage to pay limbs and vital organs to retrieve Megan's car, and had a Jason Manns sighting while pulling out. Yeah, we were a lot quieter and more subdued on the way home, but not by much. At all.
I crawled into bed at 4:15 a.m.
...And couldn't sleep.
My tail is dragging today. My most excellent husband took care of getting everything ready for his family reunion today, including cooking and packing up the gear, so I could sleep. But, the sun wouldn't get out of my eyes and I ended up awake after only a few hours of sleep.
That's all for now.
This week will be very similar to next week. Just so you know.
I'll do my best.

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Ava Quinn said...

Sounds like a great time! Glad you guys had fun!