Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: Entry Five

It's been many days since my last entry.
I somehow managed to avoid the further destruction of my sanity by taking the natives on a brief holiday. The open air, water, and many activities seemed to take the restlessness from their beings. They barely bothered with me during the days of swimming, kayaking, biking, and horsing around. Providing them with food was all that seemed to matter, though the questions regarding meals did not cease completely. And the man I'm stuck here with was there to help deflect the natives constant need of me. Soothing.
But, then, we returned to our base camp.
And, once again, the fears I hold for my sanity fill my soul. Gathering provisions has become the focus of my existence and I remain convinced our stockpile of food is being compromised while we slumber. The noise level is constant and the natives are still no closer to understanding my dialect. Sometimes they nod as if they understand what I'm saying, but I believe that's to convince me to stop talking. Perhaps the sound of my voice causes them pain? I do not know.
One of the main natives returned for a brief visit today. Filling the camp with laughter and joy. And also raising the level of chaos to a peak that has not been experienced in quite some time. She will return to her occupation this evening and while my ear drums bleed, I will miss her terribly. So will the other natives. And the man who's stuck here with me.
I try to focus on my duties while they're occupied with their own agendas, but the natives seem to have a sixth sense about it and are instantly drawn to my side. Deal-making does not effect them. Nor do bribes. I have conferred with others in my similar position and there does not seem to be much that can be done to ease that particular situation.
It is not all bad. That man I'm stuck here with took them on an outing this evening, leaving me to some peace and giving my aching eardrums a chance to heal a bit. I will use this time to focus on my own duties and allow the quite to soothe my ravaged nerves. Escaping is out of the question. I am convinced a homing device has been implanted somewhere deep inside of me that will forever keep me attached to these natives and that man who's stuck here with me. I feel near-physical pain at the mere thought of not having them around.
That is all.


Ava Quinn said...

Too damn funny, Vicki!

Victoria said...

Thanks, M3!