Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Survival Journal: Entry Six

The days are an endless monotone of obligations and "stuff".
The small natives that inhabit the camp with me have made their displeasure known - loudly - at my absences. Now would be the time to make my escape, especially since they have been as absent from camp as I. But I find I cannot. I miss them and want very badly to not have to be away from camp. Alas, sadly there is no changing things at this current time.
Summer is fleeting. This time next month we will have endured the first day of the educational services offered on our island. The natives look forward to this time with a mixture of anticipation and dread. The oldest native yet in the educational system is ultra-excited as it is her last year there, plus she landed a way-cool internship that will serve her well into her college days. This makes me feel like one of those whithered, white-haired women rocking a rocking chair on a decrepit front porch. The younger two are rather lukewarm on the idea of returning to their lockers. I cannot say I blame them, though the routine will be a welcome friend and will go a long way to restoring order around the campsite.
But I digress...
Currently, my beverage container cupboard is exceedingly bare. One of the natives has taken to hoarding all forms of beverage containers in their personal space. One, or several, I should say. The towels are also missing.
I fear they are using those items to create either some type of incendiary unit or a time travel device. Time travel has been a huge topic of conversation around the campfire these days. And escalators. Do not ask, because I have no answers. There are other things as well: missing toilet paper, lightbulbs, the constant draining of the food storage containers. I believe they are related and am attempting to track and discern how the missing items relate to the conversations going on around me. We restored the food storage systems and I feel certain half of the provisions disappeared shortly after returning home. I can only hope I am wrong in my assumptions and that my brain has twisted normalcy into something to fear. Time will only tell.
If I show up yesterday, you will know my theories are correct.
That is all...