Friday, April 15, 2011

Feel Good Friday

...just under the wire!
Here's the list:
1. New Supernatural!! Oh, how I've missed you!!
2. Getting to watch it with fellow fans!
3. Friday!
4. Sleeping in tomorrow! Oh, how I need you!
5. My bed - because I am in it right now and I'm finally warm.
6. A decent week, overall, despite surgery dates, rude kids (not mine, other people's), bad dogs, and discovering I have no dash lights except the glaring green of the heater.
7. Maintaining in the 50/50 challenge.
8. Looking forward to some decent writing time this weekend. (knock on wood.)
9. Pad Thai for dinner.
10. Having my bedroom window open, even though it's a little chilly out there. The breeze is fantastic.
Okay. That's enough.

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