Monday, April 25, 2011

I'd Hoped....

That we'd seen the worst of the stink bugs.
Bwah ha ha ha!!! I was sorely, sorely mistaken! They are freaking everywhere!
There were none when I walked in the door tonight, but shortly after...yeah, freaking deluge! And it's getting worse. The husband just came down from upstairs and said he killed 5 in the bathroom. I was in there 10 minutes ago and there were none.
I'm a little afraid, but you already knew that.
Oh, and don't be surprised if you see someone who looks like me in that site that showcases weird people at that mega store that's open 24 hours and has everything you can imagine. Our fan died in our room the other day and neither one of us have been sleeping right since. We borrowed K4's for two nights, but she insisted we give it back. It's pretty warm today and B insisted we go for a new fan so we can both get a decent night's sleep. I was already in my comfy pants and refused to went in comfy pants, my work shirt, and orange flipflops.
I was nothing to look at compared to some of the people we saw. Like the woman in the motorized cart with legs as big as B's body and flies all over them. Pitiful, and I felt really sorry for her. Then there was the couple with 42-million packages of feminine products and a frying pan in their cart. Ummm....
Oh, and fans cost a freaking fortune! I almost died when we checked out!
And that is all...


Ava Quinn said...

42 million packages of feminine products and a frying pan! HAAAA!
You crack mu up.

Good luck with your mission to destroy your stink bugs. Let me know if you need me to mobilize the gnomes.

Victoria said...

I'm not lying! Okay, so maybe there weren't 42 million, but it was a cart load!

I will definitely let you know! Do sea monkeys eat stink bugs?