Friday, April 22, 2011

Feel Good Friday....

And, Oh, Thank Goodness!!
Yay, Friday!!
Here's the list:
1. Coming home to a most excellent dinner and a pretty clean house.
2. K2 being home.
3. Sleeping in tomorrow - though I am currently in negotiations with the husband about what time he's allowed to wake me so we can run the errands we were supposed to run tonight.
4. The husband getting back to normal and having less pain.
5. Dinner with the family on Sunday.
6. Saying no to last minute meetings and sticking with it. Sometimes you have to say no!
7. Looking forward to a mostly writing day tomorrow. Errands in the morning, then writing.
8. The husband doing the grocery shopping and even getting ingredients for sour apple Martini's. (now if he would just come home so we could have one)
9. New Supernatural tonight.
10. A little LotR and Supernatural season 4 in the background as I hustle to get caught up with myself before new Supernatural. Oh and writing already done for the 50/50 challenge, too. (and a decent amount of words as well)
So there's the list. The only downer is the fact that I am freezing to death. My fingers are numb and so are my feet. I am wrapped in a blanket, with two sweatshirts on, the laptop in my lap, and I am still shivering.
That is all...

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